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Denture Repairs at Denture Haus’s Brisbane Clinic

Let the experts at Denture Haus take care of your Denture Repairs, so you don’t have to worry! Your denture may look simple; but there is hours of careful work that has gone into it, that can be easily undone and end up costing you more.

Your dentures are important part of your life and a large investment that you’ve made towards your oral health, hygiene, cosmetic appearance, your jaw structure and the functionality of your mouth.

Can I complete Denture Repairs at home? Or do I need a Professional?

We realise it can be all too tempting to adjust a wire clasping here or grind away a piece of acrylic there, but we seldom see these home fixes work out well.

We have even seen super glue used. This may also work temporarily, but the chemicals in super glue aren’t very good for the human body, especially if ingested.


Our professionals can help repair your dentures and quickly and efficiently so they will continue to stand the test of time and are safe and comfortable. We know the annoyance of broken dentures leaving you unable to eat and speak, which is why we will always make it a priority to have your denture repairs done as fast as possible.

Avoid the pitfalls of home repairs and make the effort to get them professionally repaired.

Denture Repairs

How Long Should my Dentures Last?

Depending on the type of dentures you select, they should serve you as a long-term investment, often lasting more than a decade without replacement. The more DIY maintenance you perform on your dentures at home, the sooner it is likely you will need to re-invest in a replacement set.

When Do I Need to Have My Dentures Repaired?

It is best to get denture repairs done before it becomes a major problem. Remember the human jaw can exert an enormous amount of pressure; it does not take much to damage even the strongest of dentures. Avoid the cost of replacement by getting them looked at by qualified specialists as soon as you notice discomfort.

How Long Will Denture Repairs Take?

How Long Will Denture Repairs Take?

We are conveniently located in Aspley central to Brisbane City and Fortitude Valley and can generally have your dentures back to you in the same day! Our technicians may even be quick enough to repair your dentures while you wait. That said, repair time varies depending on what is required. Some can be done in as little as 1 hour, while for some, more technical fixes, it may take between 24 hours and 5 working days.

Our Denture Types and Oral Protection

At Denture Haus, we repair dentures across the spectrum from full and partial dentures made of acrylic, to cast-metal dentures or those made of flexible materials. We also take the protection of your mouth, teeth and dental fixtures very seriously, providing customised mouthguards for those regularly involved in high-impact active hobbies or professions.

If you need denture repairs in Brisbane give Denture Haus a call today on 07 3263 8576!

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