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Finding the perfect Brisbane Denture Clinic can be tough, but you’ve done it! At Denture Haus we are ready to help you, whether it be with a new custom mouthguard, denture implants, or simply a denture reline!

With over 25 years experience our team are knowledgeable, professional and will ensure you are comfortable, well-informed and leave with the perfect finished product. That’s our promise and it’s how we’ve earned our amazing customers and Google Reviews.


We offer a full range of dentures to both the general public and to some dental practices. Our specialties include:

Great dentures should feel natural and be as comfortable as your natural teeth. Like regular teeth, they should be treated alike, and should be checked just as regularly.

Good dentures shouldn’t be a hassle. At Denture Haus, we pride ourselves on our customer service, with our team of denture professionals who have years of experience providing quality dentures to the Brisbane area.

If you are a patient looking for a new denture, repair or reline, we can see you today. Simply come visit or contact us.

We look forward to seeing you soon at Denture Haus, Aspley.

Give Denture Haus, Your Brisbane Denture Clinic a call for all your denture and mouthguard needs.

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Denture Haus

Your trusted dental experts. Explore our services below.

Denture Implants
Denture Implants Brisbane by Denture Haus

Denture implants offer the ultimate comfort.
They are held in place by metal rods giving you the ability to eat, speak and smile with confidence.

Full Dentures
Full Dentures by Denture Haus

If you are missing all your teeth or wish to have them all removed, this is the one for you.
Carefully measuring your face, your denture will look and feel like a whole new chapter of life.

Partial Dentures
Partial Dentures by Denture Haus

partial denture fits around your remaining teeth. It can be made entirely of acrylic with stainless steel clasping or can be combined with a chrome framework; there are a few options we can work with.

Flexible Dentures
Flexible Dentures | Valplast Denutres by Denture Haus

Our flexible dentures are made from genuine Valplast and come with a lifetime warranty on the material.
These are suitable for small areas and have invisible clasping that blends naturally in  with your gums.

Denture Reline Brisbane by Denture Haus

Same Day Service.
A reline is where we fill the space between the palate and the denture. This space will happen if you have recently had teeth removed or you have had the denture for some time.

Denture Repairs | Same Day Repairs | Denture Haus

Same Day Service

We will always do our best to repair your denture while you wait.  However, there will be times when we may need to send your denture for metal work or cure the acrylic for set number of hours.

Custom Mouthguards Brisbane by Denture Haus

Beautiful, custom mouthguards you and your children will love!

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Bring in your special style and we’ll print it right on your mouthguard.

Contact Denture Haus, your Brisbane Denture Clinic for all your denture and custom mouthguard needs!

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