Denture Relines Brisbane

Denture Reline Aspley

Denture Relines are an essential step to getting the most from your denture.

Simply put, the shape of your mouth will change over time, and denture relines allow your denture to grow with your mouth.

At first small changes may not be particularly noticeable, but left for too long, it can result in breakages and sores in the mouth.

The process for denture relines is quick and easy. We only need a few hours over the day for the acrylic to cure. Stop putting it off today and drop by your Brisbane Denture Clinic at Denture Haus.

Step One

Denture Reline Aspley

Your denture is filled with an impression taking material and inserted. This should fill any gaps between the denture and your mouth.

Step Two

Denture Reline Brisbane by Denture Haus

The denture is pressed up into your mouth to push away any excess material. You may be asked to bite down on  your denture.
Remember, the purpose is to leave any material where there are gaps and squeeze away the rest.

Step Three

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A few hours later your denture is inserted as normal. Some trimming may be done if you have any high spots. It is called a denture reline, because  you have now ‘relined’ your denture!

This is a great time to get your denture polished!

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