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Denture Implants will change the way you eat, speak and live. Take your denture to the next level with the modern solution to living well.

Traditional dentures stay in place using suction or clasping. An excellent fit is required to enable you to speak properly and eat well. However, even the best fitting dentures can move and shift while eating some types of food.

Denture implants are held in place by metal rods called implants. These are surgically placed into the jawbone in a quick, painless procedure and then the denture is made to clasp onto them.

Denture Haus specialise in Brisbane denture implants and can provide this premium service with specialists on hand.

Are you missing multiple teeth on your upper or lower jaw?

While a dentist can help repair and replace a single missing tooth, multiple missing teeth can become more challenging. Missing multiple teeth can lead to difficulty eating, chronic pain, infections, and self-image issues – so effective treatment is essential.

If you or someone you know is tired of their missing teeth, it’s time to explore treatment with full denture implants by a trusted Brisbane denture clinic.

What are denture implants?

Full or complete denture implants are replacement teeth and gums that are held in place by implanted titanium support rods. They can be for both the upper and lower jaw. To have a complete denture implant, all teeth must be removed. They are different from partial denture implants, which fit around the remaining teeth. Denture implants are comfortable, low maintenance, and can bring back confidence in your smile.

What are the benefits of denture implants?

Full denture implants have many benefits, such as:

  • They are comfortable, easy to use, and stay in place with no need for denture adhesive.
  • They are long-lasting, with the implanted rods lasting 20-25 years and the denture attached lasting seven years or more with proper care.
  • They help prevent bone loss and help maintain the shape of your jaw
  • They will improve your self-confidence as you show off your amazing smile with pride.

Phases of full denture implants

There are two phases to completing denture implants:

  • Phase 1: Implantation — Over three visits, titanium dental implants will be placed into your jawbone by your dentist. These sites will heal over three to five months to ensure proper bone adherence before adding the dentures.
  • Phase 2: Dentures — Once the implants are healed, the denture steps begin. The typical steps include taking the first and secondary impressions, a bite registration, trying on the dentures, the final insertion, and follow-up. Your dentist will walk you through each step of this process.

How much do denture implants cost?

The cost of full denture implants is different for every patient. Customisation and patient-specific requirements can change the total cost.

Before offering any service, we provide a free consultation appointment to discuss your unique denture implant needs. Pricing will be provided at this appointment, so there are no surprise charges. There is no obligation to follow through with treatment after the consultation.

We accept private health insurance. We provide our clients with correct item numbers to ensure that all out of pocket expenses are known before beginning treatment. For more information, please visit our payment plan page.

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