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Valplast Dentures

There may be different types of partial dentures available today, but very few are as flexible as Valplast Dentures.


As well as being comfortably flexible they are also slim built and lightweight. These dentures come with clasps that are invisible and cover the entire periphery of your remaining natural dentition.


This material is generally suitable for partial dentures, which are used for patients that have some teeth remaining. Valplast Dentures also boast a good aesthetic while being strong, highly functional and tolerable.


What makes Flexible Valplast Dentures so special? An exceptional blend of thermoplastic resin and biocompatible nylon that combats the toughest of environments (the mouth!) to create a visually pleasing, strong and durable denture that no one knows you are wearing!


At Denture Haus Brisbane Denture Clinic our dental experts prescribe flexible partials to suitable patients, but they are not right for everyone. We’ll happily discuss your options when you visit us for your free consultation.

Benefits of Valplast Dentures

#1: Fantastic Aesthetic


This flexible partial denture is made of translucent material which is naturally in sync with the tone of the soft tissue of your mouth. The dentures look and feel real and cannot be easily identified as being synthetic teeth.


#2: Very Comfortable


Valplast flexible dentures are slim and lightweight. They also fit securely and perfectly in your mouth. They allow you to eat, smile and speak with confidence.


#3: Highly Tolerable


Valplast Dentures are highly tolerable flexible partials. They are made from denture materials that are free of formaldehyde and monomer. Valplast flexible dentures are non-allergenic and bio-compatible partials that are ideal for most patients.


#4: Incredibly Strong


Though this denture offers limitless flexibility, it is equally sturdy, strong and durable. These are qualities that stand it out as one of the most prescribed partial dentures around.


#5: Highly Functional


Valplast flexible dentures offer no major or minor connectors that could serve as ducts for storing food particles. Also, this partial denture will not alter your speech in any way.


It comes with a simplistic design with its nylon resin flexible material acting as an in-built stressbreaker to equally distribute the stress and pressure associated with the biting and chewing motions of the mouth.


#6 Lifetime Warranty


The human body is a fascinating, yet sensitive thing. It is designed to reject foreign bodies, fight antibodies, and is constantly in flux. On top of this, your denture is worn for hours every day in a difficult environment of stress, pressure and micro-organism activity. Hence we are limited to what we can safely place in contact with the sensitive tissues of the mouth.


The unique combination of biocompatible nylon and thermoplastic resin creates the ideal environment to provide a safe, comfortable and durable denture that will last a lifetime. In fact, the quality is so reliable it has a lifetime warranty!

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Valplast Dentures Care and Maintenance

  • Regularly clean your valplast appliance using Val-Clean; you need this to maintain your lifetime warranty.
  • A 10-15 minute soak in Val-Clean per day whenever it is not being worn is sufficient. If staining occurs, simply soak your appliance overnight.
  • If loose particles are found, they can be removed by using a Valplast ultrasonic cleaner or simply by running your appliance under water with a soft denture brush to remove any excess particles.
  • Rinse your appliance after eating when possible.
  • Store your Valplast appliance in water or Val-Clean when you are not wearing it as this keeps the surface hydrated.
  • Regularly brush your natural teeth and gums as directed by your dentist.

Register Your Valplast Lifetime Warranty

To register your valplast denture for its lifetime warranty you will need the below information.

1. The unique serial number that came on your warranty card.

2. The Lab ID number.

3. The material lot number.

We will discuss this during your visits, and you can contact us anytime if you are missing the above information.

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