Types of Dentures Brisbane

Types of Dentures at Denture Haus

At Dental Haus, we offer patients different types of dentures designed to meet their individual dental needs.


To recreate your unique smile and provide you with the right dentures, we use a range of high-quality denture materials. As not every mouth is the same, not every denture can, or should, be created with same denture materials. That is why we have options when creating customised dentures.


Your entire denture from your consultation, to impressions, lab work and delivery and fitting of the final product are completed in our Brisbane Denture Clinic. No part of your denture is sent overseas or out of state. The materials we use at the clinic include:





Each of these denture materials offer patients particular benefits in both their usage and cost. This comes down to elements such as the shape and size of your teeth, how much, if any, gum shows when you smile, and the profile of your face just to name a few.


The denture experts at Denture Haus have over 25 years of experience and use this to help you select the materials required to create a customised denture that you will be happy with and suit your needs.

Made from highly flexible and moldable plastic-based materials, acrylic dentures are perfect for both partial and complete dentures.


When fitted in your mouth, acrylic dentures will adapt to the peculiarities of your oral cavity.


Like all things at Denture Haus, we only use the highest grade of acrylic available. Another important factor in selecting acrylic dentures is how they are set. Our team heat cure all appliances including small partials.


The strength and durability of acrylic dentures means they do not commonly react to the soft tissue in the mouth, warp over time, or stain easily when maintained properly.

Crafted from bio-compatible nylon and thermoplastic resin, Valplast Dentures are the most flexible types of dentures available.


They are perfect for unilateral restorations or partial dentures and offer users a great level of stability when fitted. Valplast Dentures are not only comfortable, non-invasive, offer invisible clasping and are made quickly but they are incredibly strong and durable. So much so, they have a lifetime warranty to back their quality!


While this type of denture material is strong, small, flexible and comfortable, it is not suitable for all cases. Or there maybe some modifications available for your particular situation. For example, occasionally chrome can be paired with valplast to cover an area that valplast alone would not be suitable for. Come in for your free consultation and we’ll explain why and what materials will be suitable for you.

The third type of denture produced in our Brisbane Denture Clinic is a chrome denture.


Chrome dentures consist of both cobalt and chrome materials. The chrome element keeps the entire denture protected from possible corrosion. This denture material also offers a comfortable grip and retention in the mouth for a natural chewing and biting experience.


Chrome Dentures are thin, lightweight, and strong making them a perfect denture material. Although similarly to valplast, they are not applicable in all situations, which is why we offer free consultations to give you a personalised recommendation and specific quote.

If your dentures are no longer fitting perfectly, you can always drop into our Brisbane Denture Clinic for a quick adjustment with a denture reline. This will save you the cost and hassle of a denture repair.


The Denture Material that is right for you

Our team of experts at Dental Haus have over 25 years’ experience in the production of these types of dentures. We can guarantee that your denture will be custom crafted to best suit your specific needs.


Let us give you a personalised recommendation in a free consultation where we can discuss which type of denture would be suitable for you. Book your appointment by calling 07 3263 8576 or you can pay us a visit at our Brisbane Denture Clinic today.

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