Sports Mouthguards Brisbane

Sports Mouthguard

Our team at Denture Haus specialise in creating the strongest, lightest, most comfortable custom sports mouthguards you’ve ever worn.

Why? Because sports mouthguards are the best way to avoid preventable injuries so you can enjoy your hobby without having to worry.

Reasons to Choose Denture Haus for your Mouthguard


With over 25 years experience our team at Denture Haus are the experts at fitting custom mouthugards in our Brisbane Denture Clinic.

Brisbane Based

We are proud to be able to create your mouthguard entirely on site, with no parts being sent interstate or overseas.


You can completely customise the design of your mouthguard. Imagine every colour in the rainbow with more patterns than a kaleidoscope as well as any image you’d like. You can go bold with block colours and your name, or dramatic with fangs, make it your own with your name and favourite colour. Check out our gallery for more inspiration.

All Sports

We create mouthguards for every sport in Brisbane and the wider South East Queensland catchment. From martial arts like MMA, Karate, Muay Thai, Jiu Jitsu, Taekwon Do and BJJ to Rugby, AFL, Lacrosse, Weightlifting, Hockey and even Roller Derby!


The best part about having a proper dental mouthguard (besides superior protection) is comfort! Denture Haus mouthguards allow you to speak and drink with ease, so you can communicate while enjoying your sport without having to take your mouthguard out. In fact, you won’t want to, because it’s so comfortable!

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Custom Sports Mouthguard
Custom Sports Mouthguards
Sports Mouthguard Brisbane

Sports Mouthguards for Braces

Our team specialise in fitting sports mouthguards for braces. We highly recommend that patients with orthodontic work or fixed bridge work protect their appliances and soft tissue with high quality mouthguards during sports.

It is even more important for those with orthodontic work to have a professionally fit mouthguard, as boil and bite mouthguards can become stuck in braces and cause damage. Avoid the tears and cost of new braces and have your mouthguard fit by our team who will ensure the process is as easy and seamless as possible.

Sports Mouthguards for Braces

Children’s Sports Mouthguards

Protecting your little one’s mouth while they are developing is not just about the teeth, but also about their gums, soft tissue and jaw.

That’s why the comfort of a Denture Haus mouthguard is so important; the soft and flexible material doesn’t compromise on quality and feels great.

Not to mention they are able to customise their mouthguard with their own patterns, pictures or name.

Children's Sports Mouthguards

Ask us how you can get your sports mouthguard free!

Many of our patients have private healthcare, whether it be minimal extras cover or hospital cover many healthfunds cover the majority, if not the entire mouthguard. Call us for your free consult today and we can give you a quote and help you find out what your gap amount is.

Visit Denture Haus for your custom sports mouthguard in Brisbane

There are plenty of sporting organisations that do not enforce wearing a mouthguard but when impact, knocks and falls are a part of your hobby it pays to be protected. When you have a comfortable mouthguard that doesn’t impair your ability to focus or communicate, it’s a no-brainer to use this type of protection.

If the superior protection, that’s durable and resilient with an odorless and tasteless comfortable fit is what you’re looking for in a sports mouthguard then enquire below or call our team on 07 3263 8576 today.



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