Denture Questions and answers with Denture Haus Aspley
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How long does it usually take to get a full denture made?

If all things go well, usually about a month and 5 appointments.

Are all our dentures made the same way?

Yes and no. We need all the same information, but can take some extra steps to improve the overall result.

How easy is the parking?

Because we only see a few patients at a time, there is always plenty of parking right outside the front door.

Can you call a taxi?


How long does a denture last?

Typically you would expect between 5-7 years of good use from your denture.

Howย can I pay?

We have Hicaps and accept Healthfunds. If you want to discuss other options, just give us a call.

Will I be able to eat right away?

It depends on what kind of denture you have had inserted. Start on soft foods before you move onto anything more challenging. Your Prosthetist will give you more advice when you come for your final insertion.

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