What’s not to love?

Is there science behind this? Really?

You bet. Custom mouthguards exist for a reason; they work and they work a lot better.

Not only is this a far superior material, its method of fabrication is important too. The boil and bite – while better than nothing – becomes thinner where you bite. Immediately, you’ve lost what you’ve paid for.

If you want to know more, we’d love to hear from you. The results, gathered by the Australian Dental Association, speak for themselves.

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Mouthguards (mouth protectors) are an important accessory for sports and high impact activities. This protects the teeth from damage and should be well fitted to be the most effective in terms of safety. Mouthguards can be fitted to those with braces and are particularly important while receiving orthodontic treatment or have fixed bridge work. The sole purpose of a mouthguard is to protect the teeth from potential trauma.

While most people believe that the mouthguards are purely for dental protection; however, they also provide a barrier between the teeth and the cheeks, tongue and lips which reduces the risk of soft tissue damage.

When getting your mouthguard professionally fitted, the following criteria are used to ensure you get the most effective protection:

  • Firm fitting
  • Comfortable
  • Flexible
  • Durable and resilient
  • Allows spoken communication
  • Will not restrict breathing in any capacity
  • Is odourless and tasteless

How to design your custom colour mouthguard:

    Which styles do you like?

    What colour combinations do you like?
    01 Black02 Dark Blue03 Maroon04 Silver05 Gold06 Royal Blue07 Lilac08 Sky Blue09 Green10 Pink11 Red12 Turquoise13 White14 Yellow15 Fluro Orange16 Fluro Yellow17 Fluro Green18 Clear19 Fluro Pink20 Rac Green21 Brown22 Fluro Red23 Apple24 Lavender25 Cerise26 Sandstone27 Cherry28 Amethyst29 Teal30 Aussie Yellow31 Metallic Mist32 Shrimp33 Metallic Green34 Cornflower Antibacterial35 Leaf Green Biodegradable

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