Implant Supported Dentures

Loose or poor fitting Dentures? Eat better, smile more and live
a more natural life with
implant supported dentures.
An Implant Supported Denture... Will not move when eating Is the most comfortable denture available Is an investment in a better life and smile Can feel as good as your natural teeth
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Implant Supported Dentures will change the way you eat, speak and live. Take your denture to the next level with the modern solution to living well.

Traditional dentures stay in place using suction or clasping.
An excellent fit is required to enable you to speak properly and eat well. However, even the best fitting dentures can move and shift while eating some types of food.

An implant supported denture is held in place by metal rods called implants. These are surgically placed into the jawbone in a quick, painless procedure and then the denture is made to clasp onto them.

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What are Implant Supported Dentures?

They are the same as traditional dentures except they lock onto your top or bottom jaw using metal rods. These metal rods, or implants, are surgically added to the jawbone. It is a quick, painless procedure that can be done quickly.

A traditional denture is then made to clip onto the implants so they do not move or shift when eating or talking. They are also very comfortable and tend not to get the same type of sore spots as traditional dentures that are resting on your gums.

implant supported dentures, implant supported dentures aspley, aspley denture implants

Who are Implant Supported Dentures for?

If you are new to dentures, or expect to be wearing dentures for a long time, an implant supported denture may be your best option. If you no longer have any teeth remaining on the top or bottom jaw and still have a suitable bone structure, it’s worth considering implant supported dentures.
Are you tired of loose and poorly supported dentures that move?
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How long do Implant Supported Dentures last?

Implants are a long-term solution, though it may vary depending on your jaw bone and other medical and biological factors.
A traditional denture will generally last from 5 to 15 years, while an implant supported denture is expected to last 20-25 years. With it’s superior comfort and ease of eating and talking, the initial extra cost will more than pay itself off over the years.

How much do Implant Supported Dentures Cost?

While the fundamentals of implant supported dentures are very simple, there are a number of biological and medical factors that can impact the cost.
This makes it very difficult to provide an estimate without a consultation. Denture Haus in Aspley offer a free, comprehensive consultation to help determine the costing.
Denture Haus Aspley specialise in high-end denture work and have the experience to guide you to a successful result.

implant supported dentures, implant supported dentures aspley, aspley denture implants


An implant supported denture has two phases; placement of the implants and fabrication of the denture.

Implant Placement

The implant is a metal rod that is inserted into the bone of the jaw.

The dentist will make an incision into the gum and drill a small hole into the bone. The implant is then placed in this hole.

You can get implants in both the upper and the lower jaw. Each takes a few months to heal and the implant to fuse and heal. This will ensure it is secure for when we make the denture.

COST : Will require a consultation

TIMEFRAME : Implant procedure: 1-3 visits to the dentist.

HEALING : Generally 3-6 months

Denture Implants Brisbane by Denture Haus

Denture Fabrication

Once the implants have successfully fused with the bone, then we can start making the denture.

Your full dentures will be completed over a number of stages. The amount of time and visits may vary from those you have done in the past or of family members and friends who have had the same work done.

Every case is unique, but generally, a denture is made with the following stages;

1 . An initial impression

2. A secondary impression

3. A bite registration

4. A try-in

5. Final insert

6. Follow up

You can read more about each stage by visiting our Full Dentures page.

COST : Will require a consultation

TIMEFRAME : Will vary; but allow 4 – 8 weeks

REVIEW : Generally 1-2 follow up visits are recommended

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