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Our team at Denture Haus have over 21 years’ experience in providing superior care for clients in need of immediate dentures.

We pride ourselves on our professionalism and communication of the process, so you feel informed and comfortable through your procedure.

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What are Immediate Dentures?

Anyone would be uncomfortable appearing in public with no teeth, which seems like an easy enough situation to avoid. However, if you are getting dentures and your remaining teeth are unable to support your denture, they will need to be removed.

In this instance your gums and bone require time for the inflammation to reduce and heal before a new properly fitting denture can be made. This process can take up to 3 months, meaning you would be left toothless this entire period! Thankfully you do not need to wait for the healing process before you can get immediate dentures.

Our dental prosthetists can create a full or partial immediate denture to be inserted straight after the removal of your natural teeth on the same day!

What are the benefits?

There are several advantages to an immediate denture, with the first and foremost being not having to appear in public without teeth.

The denture is also much easier to craft when there are some natural teeth remaining as this gives your Dental Prosthetist your natural tooth shape, colour and arrangement to work from.

An immediate denture acts as a bandage  to assist your mouth in healing from your extraction surgery protecting the tissue, reducing bleeding and keeping swelling down.

You will be able to eat easily and comfortably with teeth to chew.

Immediate dentures will prevent any facial distortion that can occur when teeth are removed, as the denture supports the structure of your jaw and face.

You will be able to speak with relative ease, and not have to learn speech patterns without teeth, then re-learn to speak with your new denture in place.

Afterpay Available for Immediate Dentures

How Does the Process Work?

Initial Impression

You will have an initial impression (where possible) prior to your extractions, while your remaining teeth are intact.

This produces a mould of your mouth, where the remaining teeth are removed in preparation for your extractions.

Follow Up

Immediate Dentures

Then the denture is created. After the immediate denture has been placed in your mouth, follow up visits will be required for adjustments and re-fittings as your mouth changes shape while the soft tissue and bone heals.

Permanent Reline or New Denture

Denture Reline Aspley

Once you are completely healed you will require a permanent reline or new dentures. The benefits of a new denture are, a perfect fit, you will have a spare denture if the new one is misplaced, breaks, or requires a reline.

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