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When you’re waiting for dentures, walking around without a full row of teeth can make you feel uncomfortable. While there’s nothing wrong with staying home for a couple of days, sometimes, dentures in Brisbane take weeks, and even months to be finished.

There’s no reason you should wait several weeks for your dentures. You can ask your dentist to insert immediate dentures right after your procedure is over. There’s no reason to feel self-conscious while your full dentures are being made. Here’s what you need to know.

Different Types of Immediate Dentures

Unlike full dentures that are made specifically for your mouth, with specific measures taken by the dentist, immediate dentures are loose and are there to be used for a certain period. As most oral specialist will tell you, there are two types of immediate dentures available:

  • Complete Immediate Dentures: These involve both the upper and bottom rows of teeth. Since they are larger, they are naturally more expensive. They also provide a high level of bite strength, resistance, and aesthetic appeal.
  • Partial Immediate Dentures: Partial dentures are there to fill in for a certain number of teeth in the upper or bottom jaw. They are cheaper and more widely used than complete dentures. There are acrylic, flexible, and cast metal types, among others.

How Will You Benefit From Immediate Dentures

Just like full dentures, immediate dentures offer several benefits for the user. If you opt for immediate dentures, you can enjoy some of the following benefits:

  • You won’t have to worry about large gaps or lack of teeth after a procedure.
  • Immediate dentures help your gums heal more easily and quickly. 
  • You can have teeth removal and dentures on the same day without waiting.
  • We can realign your dentures to improve the overall fit, as we want you to leave here feeling 100% comfortable with your new dentures.
  • The dentist won’t impair your chewing and speaking abilities.

Common Immediate Denture Concerns

With modern technologies, tooth extraction and dentures the same day aren’t a big deal any more. However, people who don’t have any previous experience with dentures naturally have some concerns.

For most people, it takes a few days – or in some cases, weeks – to get accustomed to the artificial implants inside their mouths, which can sometimes make ordinary activities like chewing and speaking somewhat more complicated.

Pronouncing some words may take some practice. Experts from our Brisbane office recommend you practice reading out loud and repeating complicated words. If the dentures make a clicking noise while you’re speaking, it’s a sign that you should slow down.

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