Full Dentures

Full Dentures at Denture Haus, Brisbane

Full Dentures are required when all the natural teeth are missing. It is fitted to replace the upper teeth, lower teeth or both.

A full denture does more than just allow you to chew; they play a vital role to the look and shape of your face. Patients often pass along information from family members regarding the overall effect of a new full denture.

Typically, the bulk of your denture will be made from acrylic.

Like all things, there are different kinds. At Denture Haus in Fortitude Valley we use the highest grade of acrylic available. Also important is how the acrylic is set; we heat cure all our appliances, including small partials.

Strength and durability are a must. This type of material does not commonly react to the tissues in the mouth, stain easily or warp over time if treated with care.

Because we fabricate our dentures onsite, we have full control over the quality control process. We know our products well and are happy to guarantee them against any faulty workmanship. We also offer flexible dentures for your comfort and customised mouthguards for protection.

Be aware that an ill-fitting denture that has been dropped can still break. Due to the locality and open hours, there is no reason not to stop in and have it quickly adjusted at Denture Haus to avoid a repair.

Your full dentures will be completed over a number of stages. The amount of time and visits may vary from those you have done in the past or of family members and friends who have had the same work done.

Every case is unique, but generally, a denture is made with the following stages;

1 . An initial impression

2. A secondary impression

3. A bite registration

4. A try-in

5. Final insert

6. Follow up

Initial Impression

Using a special type of material, your Prosthetist will take an impression of your mouth.
Fast-setting and very accurate, this is what will be used to pour up a model of your
mouth for the technician to work on.

Secondary Impression

The technician will make a custom or special tray to take another impression of your mouth. This is carefully designed to sit as close to the tissues in your mouth as possible, giving a more accurate mould of your mouth to build the full dentures on.

This stage may need to be repeated a couple of times until your Prosthetist is completely satisfied. It is much easier to take a new impression than trim a finished denture.

Bite Registration

Next, a bite block will be built on the new model. This wax rim will be placed in your mouth and you will need to bite down to leave marks on the surface. Some people bite differently, and you may need to repeat this step a few times. It’s easy and doesn’t take very long, but is vitally important to the final product!

Try In

Partial Dentures by Denture Haus

With the accurate impression of your mouth and knowing where your teeth naturally
bite, we can begin to construct your denture. The base will be made of wax and teeth
will be carefully selected to suit your face shape, gums and mouth. They will be adjusted
and trimmed to look natural and fit well. The technician cannot put your teeth just
anywhere; they must be mounted in the right place for strength and stability.

When ready, this wax mock-up will be placed in your mouth and small adjustments can
be made. If you are happy, the denture can now be finished.


Full Dentures by Denture Haus

The moment you’ve been waiting for! The wax is boiled away leaving a space for the acrylic to be set. We use a very high-grade acrylic that is strong and lightweight; it will feel a lot better than the try in.

Your Prosthetist will insert the denture and trim away any spots that cause you trouble. It will take time and a few adjustments to get it just right.

Follow Up

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If you had teeth removed the day your denture was inserted, you will need to come back and have the denture relined. As your gums shrink they leave a gap underneath your appliance. A new impression will be taken showing the space inside which is then filled with more acrylic.

If you did not have any teeth removed, you will still need some small adjustments as you become used to your new denture. Don’t worry, these are typically done very quickly and easily.

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