Upper Denture Implants

Upper Denture Implants

Enjoy your natural smile in comfort with Upper Denture Implants

With over 21 years experience it’s no surprise our team at Denture Haus are Brisbane’s top choice for mouthguards and dentures, specialising in Upper Denture Implants.

Dentures will change the way you eat, smile, speak and experience life. They give a new level of confidence that has often been lost for years.

Why use Upper Denture Implants?

Upper Denture Implants are similar to traditional dentures but with added comfort of the denture being fastened more securely in place. This is done in a fast and painlessly procedure where metal rods are implanted into your upper jaw. A traditional upper denture or partial upper denture is custom made to clip onto the implants.

This allows for a better fit, superior comfort and improved longevity. It is a popular solution among clients who frequently remove their dentures from habit.

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Upper Denture Implants

How long to Upper Denture Implants Last?

Implants are a long term solution, and are definitely the preferred method among our clients. The implants or metal rods inserted into your jaw will last between 20 – 25 years, while dentures tend to last between 5 – 15 years.

How much to Upper Denture Implants Cost?

The procedure for Upper Denture Implants is simple, however, due to the intricacies of your individual biology and your medical factors, the cost can vary. This makes it very difficult to provide an accurate estimate, which is why our team offer a free consultation service. Our team specialise in high quality denture work and are happy to share our experience to guide you to the perfect result.

Cost of Upper Denture Implants

How does the Procedure Work?

Phase 1 – Implants

This phase consists of 1-3 visits to the dentist. The procedure requires the dentist to make an incision into the gum, drill a small hole into the bone and insert the implant. It will take approximately 1-3 months for your jaw to heal and the implant to fuse to the bone.

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Phase 2 – Dentures

Once the implants are successfully inserted and healed (with no swelling to distort your dentures) then we can start creating your dentures. Every client is different, but the steps normally follow this process:

  1. Initial Impression
  2. Secondary Impression
  3. Bite Registration
  4. Try In
  5. Final Insertion
  6. Follow Up

If you are unsure if upper denture implants would best suit your individual needs, take advantage of our free consultation service, call us today on 07 3263 8576 or send us a message.

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