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What are Chrome Dentures?

Chrome Dentures are a type of denture made entirely from highly tolerable cast metal.

They are highly tolerable because the cast metal used in making this type of denture is bio-compatible and can stand the test of time in the incredibly testing environment your mouth creates.  will not irritate the soft tissues in your mouth.

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Chrome Dentures

The human mouth is simply astonishing, it is constantly in flux navigating the fight against antibodies and rejecting foreign materials.

This is one of the reasons chrome makes a great denture material – it is incredibly strong and does not cause irritations in the mouth in most cases.

As well as being sensitive to the high stress environment of your mouth, chrome is also regarded as one of the toughest metals available. Thereby offering you the durability you deserve from your dentures, after all, you where them all day!

Chrome dentures are firmly secured by clasps which apart from preventing the dentures from slipping or moving incorrectly. They also protect your gums and other soft tissue in your mouth from irritation caused by the rubbing during the natural movement of eating or talking.

Nothing you wear is more important than your smile.

– Connie Stevens

What are the stages of a Chrome Denture

Your chrome denture will be crafted over several stages. The exact number of visits required varies from person to person based on a few unique factors. So it maybe a little different to the experience your friends or family have had, but this is all to ensure you get the best possible fit of your high quality chrome denture.

While, each case is unique, your chrome denture is generally made through the following stages;

1. An initial impression

2. A secondary impression

3. A bite registration

4. A try-in

5. Final insert

6. Follow up

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Chrome Dentures Brisbane
Brisbane Chrome Dentures
Chrome Dentures at Denture Haus

Benefits of Chrome Dentures


Our team at Dental Haus only work with superior quality chrome dentures in our Brisbane Denture Clinic. In fact, all our work from meeting with you, to impressions, and lab work to create your denture to fitting it in your final appointment are done onsite in our Brisbane clinic. No part of your denture is sent interstate or overseas!


We pride ourselves on discussing all options and ensuring you are comfortable with your choice of dentures and procedure.


Every type of denture we recommend is based on thorough evaluation on a patient-to-patient basis. We do not do guesswork or assumptions.


Chrome dentures offer some fantastic benefits, some of which include;


#1: Superior Quality


Being crafted from cast metal you can expect strength and durability from your chrome dentures. Although very unlikely to break, they must still be treated with care.


#2: Soft Tissue Protection


With this denture material your gums are protected as your chewing and bite force is spread across your remaining natural teeth and gums. Thereby ensuring that there is not too much pressure exerted on a part of your gums to cause irritation or wearing.


#3: No Taste Impairment


Chrome dentures do not cover your gums or palate which allows you to experience the full taste of drinks and food. In addition, you will also have the full sensation of both cold and hot temperatures. This also assists in minimizing risk of burning your mouth.


#4: Comfortable and Convenient


Chrome based dentures come with a slender base and rest on your remaining natural teeth rather than completely on your gums. They are comfortable and convenient dentures that feel natural.


#5: Great Retention and Chewability


This denture material offers patients greater grip and retention in the mouth to confidently chew tougher foods like steak with ease. The appliance will also give a perfect fit as it will be customised to give patients a realistic smile.


To know if you qualify to use chrome dentures, you can schedule an appointment by 07 3263 8576 or visit our Brisbane Denture Clinic today.

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