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The Process of Making Acrylic Dentures

Like all things at Denture Haus, our acrylic dentures are made from the highest grade acrylic available to create adaptable and moldable dentures. We use this type of denture material in the production of both full and partial dentures.

Typically, the process of getting acrylic dentures starts with taking impressions of your teeth. This will be done by our team of competent dental experts during your appointment at our Brisbane Denture Clinic.

Impressions can be taken with teeth remaining or once they have been removed. It is ideal to take them with the teeth present, so we have an accurate representation of your mouth, however, often this is not possible and will not affect the quality of your denture.

As soon as impressions of your teeth have been obtained, they will be created at our dental lab right here in our North Brisbane Denture Clinic. We are proud to do all our work onsite, without sending any parts overseas or interstate.

Precision is paramount when it comes to creating a denture with the perfect fit. At Denture Haus, our years of experience have taught us to review all aspects of your mouth, face profile, smile and lifestyle to create your perfectly fitting acrylic denture.

Benefits of Acrylic Dentures

#1: Ease of Alteration:

Acrylic Dentures offer patients several benefits. For starters, these type of dentures can be easily adjusted or altered to fit the changing requirements of the patient with a denture reline.


#2: Cost Effective:

Acrylic Dentures are a cost-effective option. They are the most affordable type of dentures while still providing superior comfort, durability and natural appearance.


#3: Comfortable:

You can rest assured your acrylic dentures will provide a firm and comfortable fit. This type of denture material paired with our teams years of experience mean your denture will not slide or slip and will appear and feel completely natural in your mouth.


#5: Easy to Maintain:

Another benefit of this type of denture is that it is easy to maintain them and cost effective to repair them. Although we recommend you drop by Denture Haus as soon as you feel your denture not fitting as perfectly as it used to for a reline. This can save you the increased cost of a repair.

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What are the stages of an Acrylic Denture

Your acrylic denture will be completed over a number of stages. The number of visits will depend on your unique situation. It may vary from previous dentures of your friends and family members who have had the same work done. Our goal is to ensure you leave with the optimum fit and are truly happy with the finished product.

Every case is unique, but generally your acrylic denture is made with the following stages;

1. An initial impression

2. A secondary impression

3. A bite registration

4. A try-in

5. Final insert

6. Follow up

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What Stages does an Acrylic Denture Have?
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